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V3: Auto responderAutomatic text response when after hours or on vacation.
Ninja trick: 'Turn off' incoming text messagesIncoming messages are free, so we do not have a way to turn them off. But here's a way that they won't bother you for a long while.

V3: How to set up your landline for textingHow to text enable your landline for SMS messaging
V3: What is Hosted SMS?Definition of Hosted SMS / text enabled landline with PastorsLine
V3: How long does it take to Host SMS or text-enable my number?length of time it takes to Host SMS / text-enable a number with PastorsLine
V3: How can I bypass my call tree to receive the Host SMS / text-enable verification call?expediting the Host SMS / text-enabling verification call when hosting with PastorsLine
V3: What if I no longer want to Host / Text-enable my number on PastorsLine?Ending Host SMS / text-enabling with PastorsLine
V3: Which numbers can I host on PastorsLine for Hosted SMS?Number eligibility for Hosted SMS / text enabled landline with PastorsLine
V3: Text enable your Church Landline Phone (Setup Instructions Included).
V3: How can I host my number?How to enable a landline for SMS / text with PastorsLine
V3: Can I use my Hosted SMS / Text-enabled / landline Number as a Verified/Outgoing Caller-ID?Using PastorsLine Hosted SMS / text-enabled / landline numbers for voice calls and voice broadcasts also
V3: What if I made a mistake on the Hosted SMS / Text-enable Authorization Document?how to fix mistakes on PastorsLine Hosted SMS / Text-enable authorization documents
V3: Can I use MMS with Hosted SMS / Text-enabled numbers?Using MMS with PastorsLine Hosted SMS / Text-enabled numbers
V3: What are the steps from start to finish to host a number for SMS in NANP?all the steps to Host SMS / text-enable a number in NANP
V3: Why does PastorsLine need this information to Host SMS or Text-enable my landline?Why the information for Hosted SMS / text-enabled landline is needed by PastorsLine
V3: What are the phases to host or text-enable my number?The stages to Host SMS / text-enable your landline on PastorsLine
V3: What information does PastorsLine need to host my number?Information and process to host a number with PastorsLine for Hosted SMS / text enabling
V3: Will Hosted SMS affect my current voice line?effect of Hosted SMS / text enabling with PastorsLine on your current voice line
V3: What are the eligibility requirements to SMS-enable a number?see if your number qualifies for Hosted SMS / text enabling with PastorsLine