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V3: Settings -- User Settings -- My Numbers
V3: Settings -- User Settings -- My Numbers

Manage your PastorsLine numbers.

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This screen allows you to manage your PastorsLine (PL) numbers.


Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine.

After you log in to PastorsLine,

Step 1: Click on Settings (left-hand most column, yellow box and #1 in image to the left).

Step 2: Click on My Numbers (blue box and #2 in image to the left).

Details will display in the space to the right of the black columns (image below).


Action Menu (3 dots, brown box in image above)

#1: How many numbers do you have? (turquoise 1 in image above)

The example in the image above shows that we have 5 numbers listed in the PastorsLine platform.

#2: Search (turquoise 2 in image above)

If you have many numbers, use the Search function to get to the number you want to work with. More about Search here.

#3: Column selection (turquoise 3 in image above)

Clicking on this icon opens a dropdown menu of detail column options.

As shown in the image to the left, we have chosen 6 of the detail columns. This is reflected in the image above (the one with all the turquoise numbers).

However, you can check as many or as few columns as you wish.

See the result of our new choice in the image below. All 11 detail columns are now displayed.

Information about each column

Column heading



The number itself


Information about the number as per the list below:


The the reminder/"meaningful to you" name you gave this number.

Call Forwarding

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

This is the number to where your calls are forwarded. Pay attention: You cannot toggle on Call Forwarding if you have toggled on Do Not Call.

NOTE: This item will not appear for all numbers - example: PastorsLine shared numbers.


Image 1: Toggle on this button to forward incoming calls to the number you select.

Image 2: Click on Edit to change the call forwarding number.

Image 3: After selecting your new country code and/or typing in your new number, click on Save to keep your changes.

Greetings & Voicemails

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

These are the greetings your caller can hear when calling.

Image 1: Toggle them on (as shown in image to the left button is purple) or off (button will be greyed out).

Image 2: Click on the Action Menu (3 dots) to change your greeting or record a new one [click on Assign New] or delete it altogether.

Image 3

Sometimes you can click directly on the Assign New.

Image 4

The Select new voicemail box will pop up. Choose from your Voicemail Library or click on the purple 'click here' to record a new greeting.

Missed calls / Voicemails

Toggle this option on to receive notifications of missed calls and voicemails. If there is not email address, the notifications will come to your mobile.

Do Not Call

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Shows if you want to receive incoming calls or not. Pay attention: You cannot toggle on Do Not Call if you have toggled on Call Forwarding.

NOTE: This item will not appear for all numbers - example: PastorsLine shared numbers

Image 1: Toggle on this button if you do not want to receive Any incoming calls at all.

Image 2: If you toggle it on, you will see another toggle button. This is the optional message your caller will receive. [Toggle it off if you do not want your caller to receive any message.]

NOTE: This message will be read by ROBO voice, and then the call will be disconnected.

Image 3: Click on the Action Menu (3 dots, brown box) to change this message.

Image 4: Click on Edit Message. The Edit do not call message box will pop up.

Image 5: Type your new message. Click Save to keep your changes.

Auto Responder (beta)

Image 1

Image 2a

Image 2b

Image 1

Toggle this option on to enable an auto reply to incoming text messages. For example, when it is after hours or you are on vacation.

The auto responder settings work per phone number. This enables each phone number to have unique settings if desired.
​NOTE: This option costs the standard 1 credit per 160 characters each time it is sent.

Image 2

After you toggle on the option, the Auto Responder pop-up will appear. Complete the form and click Save to confirm your choices.

The pop up will differ depending on whether you choose the vacation or after hours option. Image 2a shows the vacation pop up. Image 2b shows the after hours pop up.


How much you are paying for this number. Hover over the ? to get more info.

Included - part of your PastorsLine plan, so no extra cost

Not available - since this is a shared number, the cost is spread among the partners

Personal free

Yearly credits - The number of credits this number costs you on an annual basis.


The communicative capabilities of the number.

Last Activity

The previous time/occasion when someone worked with this number

Date Created

The occasion on which someone set up this number

#4: Short code toggle button (turquoise 4 in image above)

Turning on this toggle button sets the short code (77411) as your default "send from" number when sending messages.

Toggle turned off = the short code will NOT be used

Toggle turned on = the short code WILL be used



Hovering anywhere on the number detail line will turn it grey + reveal an Edit (turquoise box in image above). To work with this number, click on the Edit OR click anywhere on the number detail line (turquoise arrows in image above).

The editing box will open.

NOTE: The elements in this box can vary depending on your organization's and your personal settings. If there are elements which are not represented below, look above at the column information for details of how to work with these elements.

2024.04.12 UPDATE: How to edit your email to receive missed calls notifications

Make sure the Missed Calls/Voicemails option is toggled on. The button will be purple. Then, hover over the email line until the Edit appears. Click on the Edit to manage your email.

Please note: If you are using the PastorsLine Mobile App, you will receive push notifications of missed calls even if this option has not been enabled.

1: Below the icon you will see the name of the number and which type(s) of number this is.

2: The number itself.

3: All your members who can use this number.

4: Whether the number is:

Active (available for use)

Processing (still in the setup process such as being verified, etc.),

or Action required (there is an issue which required you to do something).

For both Processing and Action required, click on the purple Check Status to check & resolve any issues.

5: What you are paying for this number. Hover over the ? to get more information.

6: The signature chosen for texts. See more below.

7: Tells you the communicative capabilities of this number.

#6: Default Signature

Click on Choose a Different Signature.

The following box will pop up.

1: Click on the downward arrow to open your signature choices.

2: To edit / add / delete a signature, click on Manage Signatures. You will be taken to the My Signatures page.

3: See what your signature will look like at the end of the text message.

4: Click on Select to finalize your choice.


Click on the Action Menu (three dots in the top, right-hand corner of the page) for more options.

There are two options. See details below.

Set up Caller ID

Step 1: Go to the Phone line.

Step 2: Click on the downward arrow to edit your country code and/or phone number.

Step 3: Complete extension (and Advanced Extension Settings) if relevant.

Step 4: Click on Call and Verify to continue.

View Released Numbers

Choose this option to see all the phone numbers you are no longer associated with. In other words, numbers which once were part of your PL account but are no longer.

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