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V3: How to set up voicemail or call forwarding for a number
V3: How to set up voicemail or call forwarding for a number

Want callers to be able to leave a message? Or do you want your calls to be forwarded to another number? Find out how to here.

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This setup is done on your Numbers page.

Users: Settings / User Settings / My Numbers

Admins: Settings / Admin Settings / Numbers

No matter which page you are on, the process is the same.

***** READER-FRIENDLY VERSION *****************************

You cannot toggle on BOTH call forwarding and do not call.

You need to choose one or the other.


Step 1

Hover around the right hand side of the number line you wish to work with until the Edit appears and click on it (turquoise arrow in image above).

Step 2

The number detail box will pop up.

Note the 2 turquoise numbers in the image to the left.

Turquoise #1: This is the toggle which sets up the voicemail or call forwarding. Toggle this on.

Turquoise #2: This will prevent people from calling this number. Make sure it is toggled off.

Step 3

In the image to the left, the text says 'No number". In this condition, calls will not be forwarded. Instead, people will be prompted to leave a message. In other words, voicemail

Want to forward your calls to another number? Go on to the next step.

If you are finished, scroll down to see how to set up & personalize your voicemail greetings.

Step 4

Hover around the 'No number' text until the Edit appears and click on it.

Step 5

Choose the country code desired.

Step 6

Type in the number to which you wish to forward your calls.

Step 7

Click on Save to confirm your action.

Now continue as below to set up & personalize your call forwarding greetings.


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