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V3: How to set up Do not call
V3: How to set up Do not call

Is one of your numbers not accepting calls at the moment? No problem. Just set it up for do not call. Here's how.

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***** READER-FRIENDLY VERSION *****************************

You cannot toggle on BOTH call forwarding and do not call.

You need to choose one or the other.


The written walkthrough follows the video.

This setup is done on your Numbers page.

Users: Settings / User Settings / My Numbers

Admins: Settings / Admin Settings / Numbers

No matter which page you are on, the process is the same.

Step 1

Hover around the right hand side of the number line you wish to work with until the Edit appears and click on it (turquoise arrow in image above).

Step 2

The number detail box will pop up.

Note the 2 turquoise numbers in the image to the left.

Turquoise #1: This is the toggle which sets up the voicemail or call forwarding. Make sure it is toggled off.

Turquoise #2: This will set up the do not call and prevent people from calling this number. Make sure it is toggled on.

When you toggle the button on, several more toggle buttons appear.

You also see a preview of the current do not call message.

Step 3: Edit Do Not Call Message

To change the do not call message, click on the 3-dot action menu and then click on Edit Message.

Step 4

The edit box will pop up. Type in your new message. Then click Save to confirm your action.

If you have edited the do not call message, you will see your new message in the preview (gold box in image to the left).

Step 5

If you wish to send this message as a text also, toggle this button on.

And that's it!

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