Automated Message Campaigns, Data Captures, Birthday Messages, Polls, Keyword/Autoreply, and Contests.

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V3: Create an "Update directory" campaignHow to create a campaign to allow your church to update their information through automations and data capture.
V3: Spanish keywordsAre you thinking of using keywords in Spanish? Great idea...but here's what you need to know to make sure it works as planned.
V3: Free setup service for church automated messaging campaigns: For you, with youNeed help setting up a campaign? We've got your back...for free.
V3: Campaigns - Edit or Change ContentRead this article to learn how to edit content in a campaign.
V3: FAQs about KeywordsWhat are Keywords? How are they used? Are they case sensitive? Etc.
V3: Campaign - Edit KeywordsDoes your campaign have a keyword and you want to change it? Do you want to add a keyword to a campaign? Find out 'how to' here.
V3: Campaigns - Create or AddRead this article to learn how to create different types of campaigns on PastorsLine.
V3: How to set up a Prayer ChainPrayer chains help make sure your prayer requests are fulfilled.
V3: How do I delete, add or edit a keyword that is associated with a group or campaign?Delete, edit, or add keywords to existing groups and campaigns.
V3: Campaigns page (Campaign summary)All about campaigns, what's on the Campaigns page and how to work with it.
V3: Timer (Evergreen) vs. Date Based?Choosing between using Timer: Evergreen and date based timer settings for your Automated Message Campaign (AMC)
V3: Creating a Guest Follow Up WorkflowHow to create a guest follow up workflow / campaign Using keyword, Data captures (DC) and Automated Message Campaigns (AMC)
V3: Ninja Trick - Using multiple keywords to trigger additional automationUsing multiple keywords to trigger additional automation, using data captures and automated message campaigns
V3: How to Clone your CampaignsHow to Clone your Campaigns, polls, data captures (DC) and automated messages (AMC). Also, explains "draft" status of a campaign.

V3: How to create a new data captureThis article has been updated for PastorsLine V3. The new article is named V3: Create a New Data Capture Campaign. The link is below.
V3: Ninja Trick - Leaving the "First Message" of the Data Capture blankIf using a Data Capture Campaign, skip the first message and cater the auto replies to the new vs existing profile?
V3: Create a New Data Capture CampaignHow to create a new data capture
V3: Edit an existing Data CaptureHow can I edit an existing data capture or change the questions asked?
V3: Creating a Prayer Request CampaignUsing a data capture to capture prayer request, Ninja trick
V3: Re-using an existing data captureHow to re-use / link an existing data capture to a new group.
V3: How to prevent deleting a data capture when you delete a groupHow to prevent deleting a data capture when trying to delete a group that is connected to it
V3: How to release or unlink a data capture from a groupIn order to re-use a data capture, you need to unlink it from its current group.
V3: Data capture (FKA autoresponder)What is a data capture and how can I use it? About + first steps
V3: How do the right and left sides of a Data Capture work?Explaining how the right and left sides of a Data Capture work
V3: How to use Data Capture to keep your Church Directory up-to-dateHere's how to easily keep your staff and member personal data current by using an automated data capture campaign.
V3: Ninja Trick- Custom Data Capture FieldsUsing address capture field to capture custom info...perhaps...if you have not already enabled it.