Let me walk you through how to add additional numbers to your account. 

1. First, after signing into your PastorsLine account, go to the drop down box under your name and select “Numbers”. 

2. Click the “Get an additional #” (They are 125 credits per number per month)

3. Search for a local number by entering in your desired area code and click "search"

4. Select the number you want to use from the list that populates from the search *if no phone number shows up, it may mean your area code is in high demand and there are currently no numbers available with that area code

5. Go through the steps to finish the phone number's settings (assign it to your account, add a nickname, Click "Activate"

6. Set up your call forwarding, voicemail, and personalized greetings on the next screen. Click "Continue" or you can "skip this step" and go back later if you wish to add call forwarding.

The following are the "cost" in credits for call forwarding and voicemails:

*We will deduct this amount from your account balance each month. If your account balance becomes too low to renew the dedicated number, we leave right to cancel it permanently. You can cancel this number at any time.

7. You can now view and edit your phone number in the numbers screen (refer back to step 1).

If you ever want to delete a phone number from your account, you can do so by going to the number screen and clicking the "x" icon next to the number you wish to delete.

You will then be asked to type the word RELEASE to verify that this is what you want to do. 

Owners and Admins will also receive an email letting them know which user has released this number from the account. 

If this action was done in error, we can reinstate the phone number but we would need to act quickly or another person might pick it up before we can get it back for you.

See our plans HERE for additional info on how many numbers come with your plan . You can also check out this article HERE.

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