To set up call forwarding on your unique PastorsLine number:

  1. Click on your Profile Name (top, right-hand corner of the screen) and then click on Numbers (telephone icon). The Numbers screen will appear.

2. Click on Settings (Gear icon) of the phone number you wish to modify. The Edit Call Forwarding screen will appear.

3. Complete the screen:
 a. Toggle the icon to show either a green or red dot: green dot = Call Forwarding turned on; red dot = Call Forwarding turned off.
 Note: When Call Forwarding is turned off, calls are automatically rerouted to your PastorsLine voicemail inbox.

b. Number = select the country from the dropdown menu, enter in the number you want to verify.

c. Nickname = give your phone number a ‘name’ so you can easily recognize it later.

d. Greetings: Personalized Greeting — what people will hear when they call your number + Voicemail Greeting — what people will hear when they reach your voicemail. The setup process is the same in both cases: Disable = turns off this feature; Edit = enter in the text (text-to-speech), upload the audio recording, or record the message you want by having our platform call you phone. After editing, click on Enable to complete the process.

e. Voicemail Notifications Email – the email address which receives notifications of voicemail: Enter in the email you want to use.

4. Click Continue. A screen will appear showing a summary of what you have just set up. Once you have made sure the information is correct, click Finish to complete the process.

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