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V3: Are texts limited to 160 characters?
V3: Why does my message look like this on my phone (out of order)?jumbled, mixed up
V3: Why doesn’t PastorsLine offer unlimited text messaging when I have unlimited texting on my phone and/or other companies offer unlimited texting?unlimited texting
V3: I am Receiving Unwanted Calls or SMS messages on my PastorsLine number. What can I do?Block calls, random calls, unwanted messages
V3: Undelivered Messages - Why & Do I get charged credits?Reasons why. + Do I get charged credits for duplicates, skipped, undelivered, or failed messages?
V3: Strange, jumbled messages being sent?Are you seeing strange, jumbled messages in your inbox showing sent from your number?
V3: That '+' in Messages
V3: Can I schedule recurring messages?Can I schedule a recurring message that sends automatically
V3: Long/short code reprocessing: Who sent the original message?Your contact got several text messages via the same shortcode. To which longcode should his reply go? Check out the PastorsLine logic here.
V3: How do I see, view, edit, stop or delete my scheduled single or group messages?Manage your individual or group messages.
V3: Can I send/receive MMS on my toll-free phone number?MMS
V3: What are these strange, hyperlinks / website URLs that are shown in our texts?For example: ch411.me / chrch.es
V3: FAQ - If I send a mass text does everyone see the responses or just me?When people text back, who sees their replies?
V3: Ninja trick - Send a message to only some of the groupYou want to send a group message to only part of your group. Here's how.
V3: Adding a video to an SMS messageHow to attach a live or recorded video to your text message. Use your mobile or other device. Long videos? Use our trimming tool (desktop).
V3: Stop a message while it is sendingYou are sending a message and realize that you need to stop or cancel it for some reason. Here's how to do that.