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V3: Add a New Organization (Multicampus)
V3: Add a New Organization (Multicampus)

Adding and auto linking additional accounts for multicampus solutions

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If you are not familiar with the idea of "multicampus", find out more here.

Step 0: Log in to your PastorsLine account.

After you log in...

To add a new organization (set up a multicampus), there are two (2) options:

OPTION 1: Add a new organization from the User settings - My Organizations page.

OPTION 2: Start from your thumbnail (as described below).


Step 1: Click on your thumbnail (gold box and arrow in image to the left). A box will pop up.

Step 2: Click on the name of the organization you are currently logged into (blue box in image above). Another box will pop up.

Step 3: Click on Add Organization (blue box in image above).

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Type in the name of the new organization on the relevant line.

Click one of the two email options.

NOTE: Each organization requires a unique email. In other words, you cannot use the same email for more than one organization. No worries—we will connect your existing account login to this new account, so you can log in and see both organizations.

Screen 1 of 2 (continued)

If you click that you have a different email, a line will display. Type your email on that line.

If you click that you do not have an email, PastorsLine will create a forwarding email address for you. For example: We will create an email such as [email protected] , and we will forward all emails which arrive to that address to your original email address.

No matter which email option you choose, then click Next.

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The box will refresh. If you wish to continue, click Confirm and Add Billing. Click X to cancel your action.

If you confirm, you will be taken to the Billing Page to complete the process.

NOTE: PastorsLine will also prompt you to set up an Assigned Number for your new organization. This is done at Admin Settings -- Numbers. You will need permission to do this.

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