V3: How to send a Group or Individual message
Use your local A2P number (recommended) or the short code (only for specific reasons)
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Previously, we offered our PastorsLine shared short code (77411) and toll-free numbers to improve the sending rate of your texts and to help you avoid carriers filtering your text messages to spam.

Since then, all PastorsLine numbers have become ‘recognized’ numbers in the new A2P 10DLC system. As a result, they have been given trust scores. These trust scores mean that mobile carriers should not filter your texts as spam, and the sending rates should be higher.

The recommendation now is to use your local, 10-digit PastorsLine number.


How to get to this page

Step 0

Log in to PastorsLine.

Step 1

Choose your message via one of the following options:

OPTION 1: Click on Messages (speech bubble icon, light blue circle in image below) to see your messages list.

OPTION 2: Click on Groups (people icon, light blue circle in image below) to see your groups list.

Then click on the message category you wish to work with (gold arrow in image above).

Then click on the group category you wish to work with (gold arrow in image above).

Click on the message you wish to work with.

Click on the group you wish to work with.

The relevant screen will display.

The relevant screen will display.

You can also use the Search option (magnifying glass icon, turquoise circle in image below) to look for a person or group.

Step 2

Type your text message in the Text Message Box (brown box in image to the left).

Step 3

At the bottom of the screen just above the Text Message Box is the Sending From Feature (blue circle in image to the left). This is the number from which you are sending the message. If it does not show the PastorsLine short code (77411), click on it to reveal your other options.

Step 4

Once you click on the Sending From Feature, the Sending From popup appears.

Select the number you wish to use. We recommend your local, A2P number.

However, in some cases, you may prefer to use the short code.
We will continue our example with that, so choose the PastorsLine short code by clicking on it.

Step 5

The screen will refresh. Check that the short code now appears as the sending from number. (turquoise circle in image below).

Step 6

Take a moment to check the default signature at the bottom of the text (gold circle in image above). If it is not correct, edit it by clicking on Signatures (pencil icon, dark blue circle in image below.

The Choose Outgoing Signature for Number popup will appear (light blue oval in image below). Select Manage Signatures (black rectangle in image below) to add or edit your signatures.

To find out more about working with default signatures, read this article.

Step 7

Take a moment to check the characters and approximate cost (turquoise oval in image below). The required default signature (automatically added to your message) is counted in your message's total character count. In our example below, the total number of characters is 98.

It will cost 1 credit to send this message to 1 person.

Step 8

Once you start typing, you will notice that a Clock icon [brown box in image below] will appear.

If you click on this icon, a the Schedule Message screen will pop up. Schedule your text message for a later send by completing and saving the date/time details on the popup screen.

For group messages, you will also be able to tell PastorsLine to repeat your message (see purple highlight in image above). Choose the repeat schedule from the dropdown menu.

Step 9

Click the purple arrow (gold box in image below) to send your message from the short code (or the other number you chose).

You may also wish to check out the links below for more information:

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