What is a short code vs. long code?

Short codes are usually 5-6 digits in length. A long code is a 10-digit phone number with a local area code. The use of our PastorsLine shared short code is currently available only in the US and is shared by all of our churches. Our PastorsLine shared short code is 77411.

Why do I need to use it?

You may not need to depending on your church's needs and use of texting.

If you are sending links or mass group messages, our short code would be the best option for you.

SMS via a long code

Depending on the number of texts you are sending each day, the mobile carriers may be filtering your bulk messages. This is especially true if your SMS or MMS contains links.

When a phone number is registered under the A2P 10DLC system, the filtering is reduced. However, the recommended option is to use our short code instead of a long code in your account. This helps avoid carrier filtering AND we can process and deliver those messages must faster!

How do I send group or individual messages from the short code?

V3 Users: This one is for you.
V2 Users: Check out this article HERE.

How do I use keywords with the short code to trigger automations?

Because the short code number is sharted with all of our churches, short code keywords have to be reserved ahead of time.

  1. HERE is how you reserve those keywords. Read more about short code keywords on that page too.

  2. HERE is how you can tell if your keyword will be "free" or you will need to pay for the use of it. HERE is how you can use our estimator to find out exactly how much it will cost you.

  3. HERE is how you can set up those keywords once you have requested them and they have been added to your account.

  4. HERE is how you can remove old short code keywords you no longer want to use.

For more and different options on what you can do when sending links, check out this article HERE.

Who receives notifications when someone replies to a message sent by the PastorsLine shared short code?

Notifications are tied to whichever user sent the message AND what number they are assigned to. Further details HERE.

For more articles related to Short Codes, click HERE.

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