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V3: How to set up and use your Short Code Keyword
V3: How to set up and use your Short Code Keyword

You have reserved and purchased your Short Code Keywords (SCK). Now what? How to set up and use those SCKs.

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To use your Short Code Keywords:

NOTE: Only owners / admins can view the short code keyword page. Users and restricted users cannot.

If you have not completed the purchase process for a short code keyword before asking your people to use it to opt in, they will receive the following message

Step 1: When logged into V3, select Campaigns from the main menu (left-hand most column). Your Campaigns page will open.

Step 2: Select Create New Campaign (gold arrow in image to the left). Then select Create Keyword/Autoreply (purple arrow in image to the left).

Step 3: Enter the GROUP/AUTOREPLY NAME (gold box in image to the left). Note that the Add Keywords Section is toggled on by default (brown circle in image to the left).

Image 1

Image 2

Step 4: Toggle on the Short Code (77411) option (brown arrow in image 1 to the left).
The gold arrow is the local numbers option. This should remain toggled off.

The button will turn purple (see image 2 to the left).

Step 5: Click the search field under ASSIGN SHORT CODE KEYWORD(S)YOU OWN (gold arrow in image to the left) to reveal your available Short Code Keywords for use.

Note: If they are already in use for another group, they will not show here.

Step 6: Click on the short code keyword you want to use for this group (brown circle in image below).

Step 7: You will see your keyword listed under this tab, and you can continue creating or editing your group

Step 8: Edit your First Message (your autoreply to the keyword).

Step 9: Toggle on Sync with an external app? (gold circle in image below) to link any integrations you are using for this group (if shown).

Step 10: Click on Select App (brown arrow in image below) to choose the app you are integrated with.

Step 11: Toggle on Add to Automated Message Campaign (gold circle) if you want to link this group to an AMC.

Step 12: Click the downward arrow on the Please Choose line to open your AMC dropdown menu. Select the AMC you want to add.

Step 13: Click Save (brown box in image below) to leave this group as a simple, autoreply group, or click Save & Collect More Data (gold circle in image below) if you would like to capture their contact information (name, email, etc).

To EDIT an existing group:

1. Click the Pencil icon (gold circle in image below) next to the group and follow the above instructions.

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