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V3: Short code: Who receives the reply?
V3: Short code: Who receives the reply?

You used the short code instead of your mobile number. Who gets the reply?

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Who receives notifications when someone replies to a message sent by the PastorsLine shared short code?


Notifications are tied to whichever user sent the message AND what number they are assigned to.

For example: Your church staff member or volunteer used PastorsLine to send a message via our shared short code. That person is assigned to use the number, 555-555-5555. The replies will then be tied to the number 555-555-5555.

Anyone who is also assigned to that number (555-555-5555) will receive notifications of any replies.

This number will remain the default reply setting for everyone that user sent the message to until they receive a message from another user that is assigned to a different number.

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