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Previously, we offered our PastorsLine shared short code (77411) and toll-free numbers to improve the sending rate of your texts and to help you avoid carriers filtering your text messages to spam.

Since then, all PastorsLine numbers have become ‘recognized’ numbers in the new A2P 10DLC system. As a result, they have been given trust scores. These trust scores mean that mobile carriers should not filter your texts as spam, and the sending rates should be higher.

The recommendation now is to use your local, 10-digit PastorsLine number.

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To send a message to a group or individual that includes a link from the short code, check out this article:

V3: How to send a Group or individual message from the short code

​If you'd like to use keywords to trigger texts that include links, you have three options for this (listed in order of what we suggest doing):

1. Reserve a keyword to use with the short code (people will text your keyword to the short code and auto reply will also be from the short code):

2. Use the "always reply via short code" option (people will text your keyword to your local number, but the auto reply will be from the short code):

3. Use an Automated Message Campaign linked to your group with the keyword to send the link from the short code (later - at least 3-6 minutes later). (People will text your keyword to your local number and receive an auto reply from the local number - you cannot have a link here in that autoreply - and 3-6 minutes later, they receive the message with link from the short code).

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