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V3: Free vs Paid Short Code Keywords (SCKs)
V3: Free vs Paid Short Code Keywords (SCKs)

What is the difference between FREE and PAID SCKs? Pricing for SCKs.

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You can find more information about our Short Code Keywords on our website HERE.

Watch this video for an overview of our Short Code Keywords:


2024.01.17 There is no longer a one-time access fee.

Free short code keywords (100% free: no monthly cost):

We offer unlimited free short code keywords of two types:

  1. words/phrases of 4 digits or more which are not spelled like real words/phrases;

  2. words/phrases of 11 digits or more (spelling does not matter). Premium short code keywords are offered for add-on additional costs and are defined as words/phrases of 10 digits or less and spelled like real words.

Generally: words of 4 digits or more which are not spelled like real words ("kidz") -OR- words of 11 digits or more (spelling does not matter) ("Corinthians") - OR - multiple words put together or phrases ("WelcomeHome")

These would all be considered free - “WelcomeHome”; “KIDZ”; "FBCNYC" (for First Baptist Church in NY); "FBCCONNECT"; "1Corinthians", "GROUPZ", "FRIENDZ".

Numbers are considered regular/free except for 1-3 digit numbers.

Premium short code keywords

Real dictionary words/phrases of 10 letters or less. You can purchase unlimited premium short code keywords, and you get a discount depending on your plan.

E.g. KIDS (4 digits) would be considered premium and church-centric.

***All 1-3 digit phrases are also considered as premium regardless of spelling.***

Recurring short code keyword costs

Each premium keyword is renewed either monthly or yearly depending on your preference. No contracts, and you can cancel/release the keyword at any time.

Pro Tip: We highly recommend only getting short code keywords for major campaigns or any campaign with a dedicated strategy. You can still use our free and unlimited local number keywords for smaller campaigns.

Discounts per plans

Higher plans get a larger percentage (up to 80%) discount on premium short code keywords. Check out our pricing page for more info on that:

You can use our price calculator located on our website to find out what your keywords will cost. Click HERE to find out!

To reserve your keywords now, click HERE.

NOTE: Only owners / admins can view the short code keyword page. Users and restricted users cannot.

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