Yes, you will hear sound notification if you are using push notes with the mobile app.

To check your notification settings, click HERE.

What if I have an Apple watch connected?

Yes, if you have an Apple watch connected to your phone, you will hear a sound notification on your phone if:

  1. Your phone screen is unlocked and the PastorsLine app is running in the background

  2. Your phone screen is unlocked and you have the PastorsLine app open / active

  3. Your phone screen is unlocked and your PastorsLine app is not running in the background

NOTE: If your phone screen is locked, there is no sound, but your watch will vibrate when you receive a notification, and the notification will show on your phone as well.

IF this is not working for you as described in this article, please delete the app and re-download it again. If this is still not working for you, please contact us by online chat or email ([email protected])

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