Check out the notification settings.

Step 1—Log in to your account by clicking on the top, right-hand corner where your name is.

Step 2—Choose Notifications from the drop down menu which opens. The Notification Settings page will open.

Step 3—Look at the Number(s) To Follow section (in the middle of the page). Check mark any numbers from that list you wish to receive notifications for.

Step 4— Toggle on the options for notifications you would like to receive under the Send Alerts Via section. Email means you will receive an email alert, SMS means you will receive a text to a phone number you add (this option uses your credits), and Push Notes means you will received a push notification on the mobile app (You need to also check your own phone notification settings for the PastorsLine app in order to allow notifications). ***Please note when using the email notification settings- if you ever are out of the office and turn on any kind of "out of office" auto responder through your email program, you must turn off your email notification settings in PastorsLine or you will run into weird messages being sent to your contacts - see this article for more details HERE.

Step 5— Check any other options you want to receive notifications for. Turn these off or on as you like. 

Step 6— Click Update

Plan B: Reach out to us.

If your notifications are set up correctly and you are still not receiving notifications as you organized, please get in touch with us:

[email protected]

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