V3: Using our Link Shortener
Using our link shortener to save characters, adding this shortened link to groups keyword auto-replies
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Make sure you are set up to use our Link Shortener.

You can create or insert that shortened link in any message box where you see the Link Shortener icon (red circle in below image). Links for attachments will now be shortened using our integration with Rebrandly. If you are sending FROM the short code number, your links will not be automatically shortened. Use this method if you would like to shorten the link manually and drop it in your message (the exception to this rule is when you Use Keyword Auto-reply to send a link from the short code).

Most commonly, you will find the Link Shortener icon when typing a message to an individual or group, but can also be found when editing or creating Data Captures, and Automated Message Campaigns:

1. Click the link shortener icon:

In a conversation box:

Note: For V3, the conversation box link shortener looks like this"

In a data capture:

In an Automated Message Campaign:

2. Next, click "create new short link"

3. Then, fill out the required info and click "Save"

4. Once created, you can click the "insert" icon to insert that link into the message box you are currently working in:

You can also delete a shortened link by clicking the "trash can" icon next to it:

The link would need to be shortened first before you can add it as an auto-reply to a keyword. We don't have a way to insert shortened links in the group edit page at this time.

You can create that shortened link in any message box where you see this icon:

Next, click "create new short link"

Then, fill out the required info and click "Save"

Once created, you can copy this new short link, and paste it into your group's auto-reply.

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