Previously, it was a little complicated to send an auto reply to a keyword that contained a link.

Now, we have given you the option to choose your "send from" number to be FROM the short code. So Tom texts your keyword "WELCOME" to your PastorsLine number, 555-555-5555. Instead of risking your message being filtered because it contains a link, you can choose to have that message reply back FROM the short code.  

NOTE: Only owners / admins can view the short code keyword page. Users and restricted users cannot.

**This does work with data captures as well, but you may find new guests might have two text threads with this process - the one they reply to (your 10-digit, PastorsLine number) and the one they receive messages from (the short code). To avoid this, reserve a keyword to use with the short code - more info on that HERE.

Here's how you set this up:

1. Go to your Groups page

2. Find the group you want to edit. Click Edit (pencil icon, red circle below) for this group.

The Edit Group screen will open.

3. In the Edit Group screen, scroll down until you see your Auto-reply Message Settings. Underneath, you will see two toggles labelled "Always reply via the short code, 77411" : one toggle for new subscribers (red box) and one for returning opt-ins (blue box). The toggle is "off" when the toggle button is grey (like in the example below).

4. Toggle both to "on" (toggle button turns purple - see red and blue boxes below). This makes sure the auto-response is from the short code.

5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Save (green box) if you are finished OR Save & Collect More Data if you want to use a data capture (DC) with this feature (see note at top of this article if wanting to use a data capture with this keyword).

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