We do not offer the option for automatic recurring messages (a "set it and forget it" type of message). We have found too many people forget that the messages are sending or they become more like spam or "white noise" to their church members. There is an increase in unsubscribers and opt outs when recurring messages are sent. It's just not the best type of message to automate. This is not something we offer for now, but we might add it in the future if enough churches see this as a valuable option to add.

While we do not have a direct recurring message option where your message would repeat and resend "x" every number of days, you can schedule SMS messages for any date at any time.

You can see a list of what you’ve scheduled for when. You can schedule one-time messages or schedule multiple out at a time - days, weeks, or several months worth in advance if needed.

You can even create a template to use so when you are scheduling these messages in advance, you can simple drop the message in, select the date / time to send it and move on to the next message to schedule.

Articles about templates

Check out these articles for more details:

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