Step 1

When logged into V3, click on Messages [brown circle in image below].

Step 2

2a: If you know the category and name, you can scroll through to find and select the name of the individual to whom you want to send a message and select.

2b: You may find that it is faster and easier to click on New Message [speech bubble with a plus sign, gold box in image below].

The New Message box opens as shown in the image below:

Start typing in the Search box [blue box in image below]. PastorsLine will automatically suggest names of people (or groups) to you from your list. In the image below, we typed "Jo" and PastorsLine brought John. Select the contact and click on Next [brown arrow in image below].

You will be redirected to the relevant message thread to type in your message.


Once you are done typing, click on the Scheduler [clock icon, brown circle in image below]

Note that this icon would only appear when you start typing.

A popup will appear containing the date and time. Choose the date and time you want to send the message. In this example, we have set 20th of January 2022 [yellow circle in image below] and 11:46am [brown box in image below].

Next, click on Select Date & Time [gold arrow in image above].

Look through and confirm everything is set. If you still want to make changes, click on Edit [gold circle in image below]. If you want to exit message scheduling, then click on Close [X in the purple circle in image below].

If everything is set and you are ready to send your message, then click on Schedule [brown box in image above] .

Scheduled messages (gold box in image above) is displayed and the scheduled message itself (blue circle in image above) is shown under it, including the time and day it is scheduled to be delivered.


Click the Groups icon.

Next, select the group for which you want to schedule a message. For instance, Friends was selected in the image below.

You can also use Search [gold circle in image above] to look for a group.

After selecting a group, information about the group would be displayed on the screen as seen in the image below. In this group of Friends, there are two (2) people and their names are shown.

Click on Messages [brown circle in image above].

You will be redirected to the relevant message thread to type in your message. Here are your next steps.


To view scheduled messages in V3, click on Messages [speech bubble icon, brown circle in image below]. Click on Scheduled [gold box in image below]. You will see the number of messages that are scheduled to People [turquoise box in image below] and Groups [grey box in image below]. In this example, there are two (2) scheduled messages: 1 is scheduled to People, and 1 is scheduled to Groups.





If you select People, [brown circle in image below] the names of the individuals with scheduled messages are shown. In this example, John Jeffery is the only person with a scheduled message [gold box in image below].

When you select the name of the person, John Jeffery in this case, the message box opens showing the scheduled message [turquoise circle in image above].


Step 1: Make sure you are in Messages [light blue circle in image below].

Step 2: Click on scheduled [brown box in image below].

Step 3: Select Groups [gold box in image below].

Step 4: Choose the sub-category from the drop-down menu. We selected All so we can see all groups. You can choose to select Named or Unnamed depending on if you named your group or not.

Step 5: Click on the Group you want to check. We selected Friends.

Now, we can see the scheduled messages to the Friends group (blue arrow in image above).

In case the message box appears like this when you open it, just click on that message and the message would be displayed.


Editing scheduled messages is easy in the V3.

All you have to do is to click on the scheduled message and a new menu would pop up below it [gold box in image below].


Clicking Send Now would send the message to the recipient instantly. This means it would no longer be scheduled.

When you click on Send Now, a popup box would appear asking you if you want to send the message instantly.

Click on Send Now to send the message.


Click on Edit [gold circle below].

A popup would appear asking you to confirm the details. If you want to change the date and time, then select Edit [light blue box in image below].

Once you are done, select Schedule [brown box in image above].


Click on the Delete [gold circle in image below].

A popup box will ask for confirmation.

Click on Delete to continue.

Note that in the image below, we can see that the message was deleted.

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