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V3: Templates -- Voice Templates
V3: Templates -- Voice Templates

Add new or edit existing voice templates.

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How to get to this page

While in PastorsLine, click on the 3-dot More Menu.

Click on Templates.

Click on Voice Templates.

The following page will open:

How to work with this page


As shown in the image above, there is a purple Add New Voice Template button at the top, right-hand corner of this page. Click on it and the following box will pop up:

Choose the type of template you wish to create and follow the steps in the relevant article below.

NOTE: There may be some slight differences because you are creating a template and not a message (broadcast) to go out right away, but it is close enough to guide you. For example: titles will say "New Voice Template" instead of "New Voice Broadcast". Yet the process is mostly the same.

[Links below will redirect you to a new article.]

A) Web Record - Record your voice broadcast from your computer / web. Please note: For non-iPhone users, the Web Record option is available on most mobile browsers. For iPhone users, the Web Record option is only available via Safari. The Web Record option is coming soon to the mobile app!
B) Mobile Record - Record your voice broadcast over the phone (PastorsLine will call you).
C) Upload MP3 - Upload a MP3 file you have already created.
D) Text to Voice - Have an automated voice read your text to the recipient.


Step 1

Hover over the line to reveal the Edit (turquoise box in image below). Click on it.

An information box will open up (image in left-hand column).

If you hover over the template title, an Edit link will display (turquoise box in image to the left)..

Click on this Edit link to edit the name of your template.

Type the new template name on the relevant line. Then click Save (brown arrow in image above) to keep your changes.

Image 1

Image 2

Would you like to do over your template recording? Just click on Re-record (Image 1 to the left).

The Re-record box will pop up to guide you through the process depending on your recording type. It's basically the same process as adding a new voice template. For more info, click here to go to the relevant section above.

If answered by a person

In this section, you can manage how long the voice message playback should wait until it begins and how many times it should repeat.

Click on the arrow to open the menu (blue circle in image to the left).

Use the arrows (brown & gold ovals in image to the left) to increase/decrease the values.

If answered by a voicemail

In this section, you can manage how many times the voice message playback should repeat.

Just like in the section above...

Click on the arrow to open the menu.

Use the arrow to increase/decrease the value.

Toggle on this button to use your Call Screening Greeting.

Call screening is a 15 second "prelude" to the recorded message. This "prelude" plays before the recorded message. The default is: "Hello! You have a message from [name's] Test Account. To hear this message now press 1."

More info here. (V3 update in process)

Toggle on this button on to make this Voice template public, i.e., available to everyone in your organization.

PAY ATTENTION: When a template is public, any user in your organization can work with/edit this template regardless of their role and permissions.

Use This Template (turquoise arrow): see more info below.

Delete This Template (brown arrow): remove this template from your list.

Use This Template

If you choose this action, the following box will pop up:

Completing this process will generate a new call or voice broadcast using this template.

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