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V3: How do I see, view, edit, stop or delete my scheduled single or group messages?
V3: How do I see, view, edit, stop or delete my scheduled single or group messages?

Manage your individual or group messages.

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To VIEW your scheduled messages


Log in to PastorsLine V3.


Select Messages (speech bubble icon, gold circle in image below). This would show all the options under messages.

NOTE: Logging into V3 by default takes you to Messages.


Click on the arrow next to Scheduled (brown oval in image below) to show more options.


Click People (gold arrow in image below) to view your scheduled messages to individual people (this also includes Automated Message Campaign scheduled messages) or Groups (purple arrow in image below) to choose scheduled group messages.

Once selected, the Inbox will show the people/groups to choose from (gold arrow in image below).

Click the person/group to open the conversation box and view the scheduled message(s).

IN GENERAL...when you click on a person or group, you will only see the scheduled messages. The default is ALL. So you will see all the messages you have scheduled to that person or group (turquoise arrow in image below). If you have many scheduled texts in the thread, you can filter them to see just the one time or recurring messages (gold box in image below).

To MAKE CHANGES to your scheduled message(s)


If your scheduled message isn't already showing, you might see "You have # scheduled messages", near the bottom of the message box (gold arrow in image below).

Click that message line to reveal all of the scheduled messages.


Click on the message and you will see the following options: Send Now, Edit, and Delete (gold box in image below).

To Send Now

Click Send Now (gold box in image to the left) to send the message right away.

To Delete

Click Delete (purple circle in image to the left) to delete the scheduled message.

To Edit

Click Edit (brown circle in image to the left) to edit the message or schedule.

Since you clicked on Edit, some editing options will appear (gold arrow in image below).

STEP 3: Edit the scheduled message in the message box (brown circle in image below).

STEP 4: To edit the date or time the message will send, click Edit (gold oval in image below).

4.1 Select the new date, then time and click Select Date & Time (brown oval in image below).

Now, you will see your updated changes to the date (gold oval in image below).

4.2 Once you have made all the changes needed, click Schedule (brown arrow in image below). Your message will not be scheduled until you click Save.

Once you have saved, your message will look like this:

Notice the updated time and date (brown box in image above).

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