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V3: Group Messages - How to view statistics of each sent message including 'skipped' and 'undelivered' items
V3: Group Messages - How to view statistics of each sent message including 'skipped' and 'undelivered' items

Did my group message get sent well? Why does it show as 'skipped' or 'undelivered'? Can I get an automatic notification email?

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In general

After you send a group message, PastorsLine logs the statistics of that send. Part of those statistics are duplicates and failed numbers. We have made the failed numbers statistic more accurate:  

1. We identify the failed numbers (numbers that we could not send to) as landlines or unformatted numbers.

2. On the next group message, in addition to the duplicates as before, we do not attempt to send to those failed numbers (landlines + unformatted numbers). This saves you credits.

Skipped and undelivered

Skipped: Contact is blocked or opted out, number was a landline, external contact marked as deleted, was marked as unsubscribed by a user, the number is invalid, or it was a duplicate number. Credits are not deducted.

Undelivered: There are many reasons including duplicate numbers, unformatted numbers, and destinations issues such as the handset being unknown or turned off. At the start of this article is more information about such situations.

Automatic Email Alerts 

PastorsLine used to automatically send you an email with the statistics of each group message sent. To do this, we turned the Automated Group Statistics Email Alerts default to On for everyone.

Some churches felt that they were getting too many of these notification emails.  

The default is now Off. In other words, you will not automatically receive emails 'pinging' you about sent group messages. The information will still be logged in PastorsLine and is accessible via your Dashboard.

If you want to receive such emails, you will need to actually turn on this option.

NOTE: If you are not sure where to go to turn this on, we've got you covered. It is in Settings - - User Settings - - Notifications.

Viewing your group message Sent Statistics

This is done in the Group's Messages tab. More details in this article.

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