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V3: Settings -- User Settings -- Notifications
V3: Settings -- User Settings -- Notifications
Organize which alerts you get for which numbers: mobile app, email, and SMS notifications.
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Every time someone texts your PastorsLine (PL) number, you will receive a notification in your Inbox. Same for your phone if you are using our mobile app. However, there are additional notifications you can use.


  1. SMS notifications will go to the phone number you have in your profile.

  2. These notifications need to be managed for each user. Changing these settings only affects your own notification settings.


Desktop view:

Option 1: Shortcut

Near your thumbnail (at the bottom of the most left-hand black column), you will notice a bell.

The one in the image to the left has a line through it.

This means that all Custom Notifications are turned off (see image to the left).

Click on the purple View Notification Settings to go to the Notifications page.

In this example, the bell does not have a line through it (see image to the left). This means that something is turned on in Custom Notifications.

Click on the purple View Notification Settings to go to the Notifications page

Option 2: Step-by-step

Step 1: Click on your dashboard in the lower, left-hand corner of the page (thumbnail/icon/initials, gold #1 in image to the left).

Step 2: Click on Notifications (turquoise #2 in image to the left).

Scroll down to continue.

The Notifications page will open.

(Don't worry -- we will make it larger soon. We just wanted you to see the overview.)


Step 1: No matter where you are, click on More (3 dots, gold box and arrow in image below).

Then click on Notifictions (turquoise box in image below).

The Notifications screen will open.

Step 2: Click on All Notifications to update your settings.

NOTE 1: Campaign Notifications will not open/display due to the resolution (screen size).

NOTE 2: The info you see at the top of the page in Desktop view is displayed at the bottom of the page (Information:).

Continue as below.


First, you need to toggle on the Custom Notifications switch (greyed out button, brown box in image to the left).

Notice that the toggle button changes color (purple button, brown box in image below).

In addition, an additional info line appear above the toggle button (turquoise arrow in image above). The line says: "Following:" and then in purple: "[#] Numbers". This tells you how many numbers your Custom Notifications will apply to.

Click on the purple [#] Numbers.

The Select Number To Follow box will pop up. It shows you the numbers you are currently following. You can search for another number to follow.

Now that your Custom Notifications are toggled on and you are following at least 1 number...

As we mentioned above, there are basically 2 sections on this page: Details and Notifications. We will look at each one in detail.

Details section

Envelope icon

Your email address

Hover over this area to reveal the Edit.

Click on the Edit to manage your email address.

The View My Profile Settings pop up will appear.

Click on Confirm to move to another page and manage your email address.

Mobile phone icon

As shown in the image to the left, if we hover over the red exclamation point [!], a status message pops up. We are prompted to verify our unverified number. Click on Verify Now?

This screen will pop up. Enter the code received on your mobile to continue.

If you do not receive a code, click on Click here (bottom of the screen) to try again.

Screen icon

Click on Edit to enable notifications on your browser (brown box above). A pop-up box will appear. Click on Allow to enable notifications on your browser.

Mobile icon

This second mobile icon shows whether or not you have downloaded the PastorsLine mobile app.

Case 1: You have NEVER downloaded the PastorsLine mobile app.

You will be redirected to to download the app.

Case 2: You downloaded the PastorsLine mobile app but deleted it.

It will show as "Downloaded" even though you have deleted it. If you want to download it again, go to to download the app.

Notification tabs

The remainder of this article deals with the details you will see in the All Notifications tab (purple text in image above). The Campaign Notifications tab is connected to internal emails and text message. For more info, click here.

Notifications section

In the image above, Custom Notifications is toggled off (toggle switch button greyed out, turquoise box in image above).

If you toggle on the Custom Notifications switch button, several things happen:

Turquoise 1 in image below: The toggle switch button turns purple.

Turquoise 2 in image below: An new information section appears above the toggle switch button. This tells you for how many and which numbers these notification settings apply. In this case, these settings apply to 5 Numbers. Click on 5 Numbers to see more details.

If you have a lot of numbers, you can Search (magnifying glass icon, turquoise box in image below) to check out the relevant number(s) more quickly.

Notice that there are three sub-categories: Texts, Internal, and Integrations (brown arrows in image above).

NOTE: Users and restricted users will not see the Integrations sub-category.

Click on the downward arrow of the relevant sub-category to expand (see more details). Alternatively, click on Full Screen (outward arrows icon, brown box in image above) to expand all three categories at once.

The image below shows all the three categories expanded (opened).

Click/toggle on and off the available options to set/modify your notification settings.


Instantly: if toggled on, notification will be sent at once.

Daily: if toggled on, a summary of the selected notification type will be sent once each day.

Email: if toggled on, notification will be sent by email.

***Please note when using the email notification settings- if you ever are out of the office and turn on any kind of "out of office" auto responder through your email program, you must turn off your email notification settings in PastorsLine or you will run into weird messages being sent to your contacts.

The email which will be used is the email in your PL profile. (See your Profile to view / edit that email)

When someone texts your PL number(s), a notification will be sent to your profile email. The email will show you the text message, the texter’s name, the texter’s phone number, and the PL number they texted to.

To reply to an email notification
RECOMMENDED: Click Reply online from the email to reply. You will be taken into your PL account Inbox for your reply.

The other option (NOT recommended) is to Reply via email:

1) Delete all of the conversation history. 2) Then, write your reply and send.

This message will be sent as a text message to the sender.

NOTE: If you do not delete your conversation history, it will all be included in your message and sent to that person and count as credits used.

SMS: if toggled on, notification will be sent as a text message.

If SMS notifications, is toggled on, you will need to enter in the phone number you want those notifications to be sent to.

When someone texts your PL number(s), a notification will be sent to the number you have chosen. If the texter’s name is known, this will be included with the text message. If the name is unknown, the notification will be the phone number and the text message.

NOTE...this is a viewing option only. You will not be able to reply to them via this notification.

Mobile: if toggled on, notification will be sent to your mobile device.

This means you will receive a push notification on the mobile app. (You need to check your phone notification settings for the PastorsLine app in order to allow notifications).


If you hover over this item, an Edit will display (brown arrow in image to the left).

Clicking on this Edit will allow you to change the number of credits.

To raise and lower the warning credit limit, use the upward and downward arrows, respectively (brown box in image to the left) - or - type in the number you wish.

Then click Save (turquoise box in image to the left) to update your limit or cancel by click the X (gold arrow in image to the left.

Your change will be confirmed:

Now you have organized your Notification Settings.

You've checked your Notification Settings but you / your people are not receiving them?

Plan B: Reach out to us.

If your notifications are set up correctly and you are still not receiving notifications as you organized, please get in touch with us:

The fastest option is our online chat bot .

You can also email us at: [email protected] .

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