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V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Messages Tab
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Messages Tab

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Step 1

When logged into V3 of PastorsLine, Click on GROUP (group of people icon, brown circle and #1 in image below).

Step 2

Click on the category/sub-category you wish to look at. In our case, we clicked on Named (gold box and #2 in image above).

Step 3

From the sub-menu which opened, we clicked on Friends (blue box and #3 in image above).

Step 4

The details will open to the right. Select the Messages tab (gold oval in image below)

This opens up the conversation box, which shows previous messages sent, and the time and day they were sent in the group (see image below).

4a. There are also other options that can be seen in the message box just below the message (brown circle in image below).

4b. Click on these options to see more statistics on sent messages.

As you can see, the above message was scheduled to be sent to 2 people. It was sent successfully to 2 people.

In the image below, the message was scheduled to be sent to 1 person. It was sent and that person opted out AFTER the message was sent. If they were opted out / unsubscribed before the message was sent, it will show under the "unsubscribers" category.

4c. Clicking Messages also opens a message box where you can type new messages for sending to recipients on the group (purple box in image below).


When you remove a person from an external group (a group linked to an integration), we don't archive or delete the person from the group itself. The reason is that this person would just come back after a sync. Instead, we mark this person as 'removed'. When you send a group message, PastorsLine will automatically do the following:

(1) We will attempt to send them a message.

(2) We will see that they are 'removed'.
(3) We will mark the message as "failed" or "undelivered" as an internal note. However, no message is actually sent.

Recommendation: If the person should be removed from the group permanently, you should do this on the integration side (via your ChMS or app).

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