For V3

You can now reuse a Voice Broadcast (VB) in V3 if it is saved as a template.

Get more information here.

For the HUB (V2)

You can now reuse a Voice Broadcast (VB) in the HUB if it is saved as a template (this will be in the "Broadcast Library" section), or you can find it in the "Broadcast History" section if it was not saved as a template previously. Check out this article for more on this.

For the Legacy App (V1)

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click on the Voice icon (telephone) on the left-hand side. The Voice Broadcast screen will appear. 

Step 2: Click on New Voice Broadcast. The New Voice Broadcast popup will appear.

Step 3: Click the "Voice Recordings" option. 

Step 4: Choose the My Voice Recordings tab. 

Step 5: Choose the recording from the list that you wish to use. 

Step 6: Then choose the group you wish to receive this recording.  

Step 7: Click on the Use Recording button to send your recording to the group you chose.

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