For the new HUB

You cannot reuse a Voice Broadcast (VB) in the HUB unless it is saved as a template. See the suggested "ninja trick" below to do this out of the HUB below, or scroll down further for directions on how to do this in the Legacy App.

To save a template in the HUB (Ninja Trick):
The only way to save it as a template (for now) is to first choose a group. (You can send it to a group that only you are in just to save it for later if need be.) Next, record or upload the voice message. Then, continue through the steps of sending the VB, making sure to toggle on Save as a Template. (You can also edit the name of the template just below it.)

After you send it to the group, your VB will be saved in "Templates", and can be used and reused in future broadcasts.

For the Legacy App 

Step 1: From the Dashboard, click on the Voice icon (telephone) on the left-hand side. The Voice Broadcast screen will appear. 

Step 2: Click on New Voice Broadcast. The New Voice Broadcast popup will appear.

Step 3: Click the "Voice Recordings" option. 

Step 4: Choose the My Voice Recordings tab. 

Step 5: Choose the recording from the list that you wish to use. 

Step 6: Then choose the group you wish to receive this recording.  

Step 7: Click on the Use Recording button to send your recording to the group you chose.

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