The PastorsLine—CCB integration goes both ways: we pull data in from CCB and push data back into it. When you set up your Two-way Syncs, you will select the existing CCB groups which you want to sync to PastorsLine. To find out how to set up the actual CCB integration, please go to HERE.

Once you complete the setup, PastorsLine will pull those groups in. This initial syncing may take some time because it is the first time our program is dealing with all the data in your CCB groups.

Pulling data in from CCB 

After the initial setup, each time you log into your PastorsLine account, our program will look for changes in the data of your synced CCB groups and update our PastorsLine versions of those groups with the new data. This update process usually goes quickly because we are just looking for changes since the last update...unless you have been doing some massive data movement between groups for some reason.

Pushing data back to CCB 

All changes that happen in the PastorsLine versions of synced CCB groups get pushed back to the original CCB groups immediately. This includes new people which are added to a group and data captured through the data capture (FKA autoresponder).

Note: Creating a new group in PastorsLine and syncing it to CCB is possible and this process is covered in a separate tutorial.

We hope this helps!

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