After you send a group message, PastorsLine sends you an email message with the statistics of that 'send'. Part of those statistics are duplicates and failed numbers. We have made the failed numbers statistic more accurate.

1. We identify the failed numbers (numbers that we could not send to) as landlines or unformatted numbers.

2. On the next group message, in addition to the duplicates as before, we do not attempt to send to those failed numbers (landlines + unformatted numbers). This saves you credits.


You can view your group message "Sent Statistics" through the Analytics page, under Logs, and then choose the SMS OUTBOX (Group) messages logs. You can also adjust the date range, and then click "SHOW".

Next, you can click the analytics icon to view that group message's statistics. 

When you click on the "undelivered message" icon next to the word "skipped", it will tell you why that message was skipped.

Here are the most common reasons why your message might be marked as "skipped":

  • it's known landline
  • it's not formatted correctly / Not a real number
  • The contact is a Duplicate
  • The contact Opted out from receiving messages from you

For more information check out the following links:
How to look up information on your contact's numbers, click HERE.
To set up "auto check" on your undelivered messages, click HERE.

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