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V3: How can I see a list of opt-outs / unsubscribers?
V3: How can I see a list of opt-outs / unsubscribers?

Want to see who opted out? Here is our best help.

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You can use the custom filters to see a list of all your opt outs for SMS and for Voice.

Step 1
Click on Groups (gold #1 in image above).

Step 2
Click on All (turquoise #2 in image above).

Step 3
Click on the All People group (fuchsia #3 in image above).

Step 4

At the top on the far right, you'll see the Filter option (red oval in image below). Click that.

Step 5

Scroll all the way to the By Text Opt-out Status options and select Unsubscribed first.

Step 6

Select Is True and then Done.

Step 7

Now, click Add Filter, and repeat Steps 5 & 6for Opted Out.

Step 8

Change the and to or so both opt outs are included in the report.

Step 9

Select all the results by selecting the check box shown above.

Step 10

Then select Export Selection.

Step 11

Repeat this all for the two By Voice Opt-out Status options if you would like a list of those as well.

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