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V3: Disable (Turn off) Rebrandly
V3: Disable (Turn off) Rebrandly

You wanted to use our link shortener option, but now you have changed your mind for some reason. Here's how to turn it off.

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2023 July Update

Your integrations are now separated into Active and Inactive. See turquoise boxes & arrows in the image below.

2. Click on Integrations.

The Integrations page will open (see 2 images below).

3. The Rebrandly integration will be under the Active tab (see image above).

4. Toggle off the button. The Confirmation Box will pop up. Complete it by typing DISABLE (all caps).

5. Click on Ok.

6. The screen will refresh. You will notice that the toggle button is now greyed out.

***Toggle buttons: greyed out is OFF, purple is ON.

7. You will now see this integration in the Inactive tab.

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