This article shows you how to check an individual's number and/or the numbers in a group.

Checking an individual's number

The icons after the phone numbers tell you what kind of numbers they are (see gold boxes in image below).

Here is some more information about those icons.

If you go back to the image with the gold boxes (above), you can see there there are numbers which are unchecked or have format errors.

STEP 1: Select your first person (turquoise box in image below).

STEP 2: Open up the dropdown menu (gold arrow in image above) and select All to check everyone OR continue to select the numbers you wish to check.

STEP 3: Now that your people are selected, go to the 3-dot More Menu (turquoise arrow in image below) and choose Check Caller info (gold arrow in image above).

STEP 4: The Caller Information box will pop up.

STEP 5: To continue, click Check and Pay X Credits.

After checking, the system will return you to your People page.

Checking the numbers in a group

Step 1: Find the group whose numbers you wish to check.

Option 1

Step 2: Go to the People tab (turquoise box in image below).

Option 2

Step 2: Go to the About tab (turquoise box in image below).

Step 3: Choose all the group members whose numbers you wish to check.

Step 3: Click on Unchecked (gold box in image above).

Step 4: Click on the 3-dot action menu (turquoise box in image below).

Step 5: Click on the More downward arrow to open additional action (gold box in image below.

Step 6: Click on Check Caller Info (fuchsia box in image above).

The screen will refresh to the People tab and show all the unchecked numbers in the group.

Continue as in Option 1.

The check caller box will pop up.

Step 7: Click on the purple Check and Pay [amount] Credits.

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