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V3: Why do I need a primary number?
V3: Why do I need a primary number?

Why do I need a primary number on my account?

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All accounts with PastorsLine need a primary number to function properly. This number is used to route traffic to your inbox.

If you are setting up a new account and are trying to use your landline as your primary number, you will be required to choose an additional local number to use until your landline is active. It can take up to a few days for your landline to become active so we need another number as the "placeholder" until it is ready for use. You can then remove the other local number if you wish. Once your landline is set up, you can use it for both texting and making phone calls and sending voice broadcasts. More about setting up your landline for texting HERE.

The shared short code cannot be your primary number, but it can be set as your "default" number. More about short codes HERE.

The shared toll free number cannot be your primary number. More information about the toll free numbers HERE.

A verified number (cell phone, or other personal number) cannot be your primary number (unless it is a hosted landline). Verified numbers can only be used for sending voice broadcasts and making outgoing calls.

This article HERE should help you with choosing a primary, local phone number.

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