Step 1: Login to PastorsLine. Click on your User Name in the top, right-hand corner of the screen to expand the dropdown menu. Click on Numbers [orange box].

Step 2: Click on Verify Your Landline Number (SMS/Text) [orange box].

Step 3: Fill out the requested information, then click Next step [orange box at bottom of the image].  

NOTE: An update has been made to this step to allow you to enter in an extension if needed. You can also use * and #.

If your number is a VOIP number, it is unlikely we will be able to host SMS on that number. VOIP providers that do allow us to host SMS with them:


Step 4: Click Call me.

4a. The next screen will generate a pin you will need to verify ownership with.

4b. The system will call your landline number. You must be near your phone to answer. and you must enter in the pin as instructed.

Please make sure any extension needed is added before selecting Call me.

If you run out of attempts, delete the number from the Numbers screen (click the "x" next to it and follow the prompts). Then, re-add it (see step 2).

If you run into any errors when trying to re-add the number again, please contact support by online chat or by emailing

Step 5: Once your number is verified, you will need to complete the LOA request, then check your email for the official LOA.

Once the LOA request form is completed, and while you are waiting for the electronic signature from you, this is what your screen would look like:

Once this is electronically signed, the transfer process will begin. It usually takes 1-3 business days.

NOTE: *Signing this LOA does authorize us to change your SMS carrier (NOT your calling carrier) to our vendor. This is NOT permanent, or a transfer of ownership, and it can be changed at anytime in the future.

Record any issues discovered and send a message to us via chat or email We will add up to 250 credits to your account as discussed above. 

VOIP companies do not typically allow us to host SMS. There has been very few exceptions to this.

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