By default, PastorsLine sends notifications to the email you registered with.

How to get to Notifications

Step 1

From the V3 dashboard, click More Menus (three dot icon, brown circle in image below) and select Settings (gold box in image below).

Step 2

From the options that appear on the right, select User Settings.

Step 3

From the drop-down menu that papers, select Notifications (brown box in image below).

Your Notification Details open on the right-hand side of your screen.

How to edit your Email

Step 1

Hover around the email (gold oval in image above). An option to Edit would appear (gold oval in image below). Click on it.

Step 2

A popup box would appear asking if you want to continue. Select Confirm (brown circle in image below).

You would be directed to the My Profile page (see image below).

Step 3

Hover around the email under My Info to reveal an Edit (brown circle in image below). Click on it.

Step 4

Enter the desired email address and then click on Save (purple circle in image below).

Step 5

The email is now saved on your profile. However, it needs to be verified. Note the hourglass icon (brown box in image below). If you click on this icon, a message will display. It says: "You have updated your email to [new email] and we are waiting for verification. Please check your email to verify this email address is to be updated." (brown arrow in image below)

Check your email to verify the update.

Did not receive an email? Click on Resend (gold box in image above). Want to cancel this update? Click on Cancel (gold box in image above).

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