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V3: How small can my viewing window be? (Responsive warning)
V3: How small can my viewing window be? (Responsive warning)

Resizing your viewing window? There's a minimum of how small it can be.

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This version of the PastorsLine app is responsive to changes in screen resolution. In other words, we will move components around to show you the best view as you make your viewing window smaller or bigger.

Having said that, there is a limit to how small your viewing window can be for some of the pages and views. This is because the page/view layout and information can just not be shown well in too small a screen size.

If your window becomes too small, you will see the one of the warning messages below.



If you are viewing on the desktop, all you need to do is drag the edge of your viewing window and enlarge it (make it bigger) until this warning disappears.
โ€‹If you are viewing on a mobile, you will not be able to access this page or view. Please use a digital device with a larger screen size.

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