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V3: Making 1-1 calls using our Mobile app
V3: Making 1-1 calls using our Mobile app

Making one on one calls with the PastorsLine mobile app

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To make a one to one call from the PastorsLine Mobile App


Step 1: Once you are in your PastorsLine Messages View, click on the Add new button in the bottom, right-hand corner of your mobile screen (purple circle with + sign icon in image above).
โ€‹Step 2: Choose Call (blue box and arrow in image above).

Step 3: Search for the number or name of the person whom you wish to call (see image above).

Step 4: Select that person and the Make a call to box will pop up (see image above).

Step 5: The box will show you the person you selected to call and the number you are calling from. It will also show you the cost of this 1-to-1 call (see blue box in image above.

Step 6: If you wish to continue, click on the green Call button (circle with phone icon at the bottom of the screen, see image above).

Step 7: Depending on your phone settings, you may see an Allow box pop up (see image above). This box asks for your permission to let PastorsLine to use your microphone during the call. If you wish to continue, click Allow.

Step 8: PastorsLine will dial the number (see image above).

Step 9: If the connection is successful, the call will begin.

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