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Reprocessing messages
V3: How do we reprocess undelivered messages?
V3: How do we reprocess undelivered messages?

Automatic reprocessing of failed / undelivered messages

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Which number does PastorsLine use to reprocess undelivered messages?

The default is the PastorsLine toll-free number. We will reprocess messages using this number unless you tell us otherwise.
If you are paying for the PastorsLine shared shortcode (77411), you could choose this option also.
You can also choose to NOT reprocess messages.

How do we tell PastorsLine which option we want?

You will need to be an owner/admin to do this.

View the left-hand pane/menu. --> Click on My Profile. --> Click on Settings. --> In Admin Settings, choose Organization Profile.

Hover over the answer line until the Edit appears. Click on it to open the answer options.

Click on the downward arrow to further open the dropdown menu.

Choose your answer.

No - no reprocessing of failed messages.

Yes - toll-free: use the assigned toll-free number to reprocess failed messages.

Yes - short code: use the PastorsLine shared short code to reprocess failed messages.

Click Save to confirm your action.

Will my audience get confused if they receive texts from a new number?

To minimize the chances that someone would be confused, we will include your original sender's number in the message.

e.g. If you originally sent a message ("test, normal number") to a person from (717) 833-6011 and that message was blocked by a mobile carrier, we would then reprocess this message using a toll-free number or short code assigned to your account e.g. (855) 340-6493.

The message would include the (717) number as shown in the example below:

Are there any additional fees to using this assigned toll-free number?

No, we're not charging anything extra to use the assigned toll-free number or short. When we reprocess a message, we are only charging 1/2 a text credit for each 1 message.

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