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V3: Call Screening Greeting for Voice Broadcasts
V3: Call Screening Greeting for Voice Broadcasts

Voice Broadcast message taking too long to start playing? Fix that here.

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We have added the option to use call screening with our Voice broadcast feature!

There has been a HUGE increase lately in the amount of churches sending voice broadcasts and one of the things we heard the most from you is the issue with the delay between when the call was answered and until the message played. In response, we have added the option to use call screening. 

JUST BEFORE YOU DO THAT THOUGH...check out the discussion in this article.

Still want to turn on call forwarding?

No problem. Let's continue.

You can find the call screening option at the top of the screen in the last step (just before you hit send). 

1. On Step 3, just before you send your message, at the top of the screen, toggle on "Call Screening Greeting". 

2. Edit your message. This is the message that will be "read" by an automated voice and will ask the person to press 1 to hear the message now - if they do not press one, the message will be played 3 seconds later. *We recommend not changing the "To hear this message now press 1" portion of the text in the greeting. 

3. Now you can continue on the rest of the steps in setting up your voice broadcast!

For continued help on sending a voice broadcast: This is the article you need.

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