To add or edit the credit card on file, click HERE.

To give other admin users permissions to manage billing: Click here.

To edit the email address your invoices are sent to, click HERE.

If you have received emails that your credit card was unable to be charged, or you have an outstanding bill, you (the owner), or an admin you have given billing privileges to, can pay those past due invoices online. 

Step 1: If your account has a billing issue, when you login you will see this screen when you log in. Click on "Click Here for Billing", OR you might be brought straight to the billing page (see next step) depending on how past due your invoice is. 

Step 2: You will be taken directly to the Billing page where you can then click "Pay Invoice".

Step 3: Choose the card on file to pay the invoice with. (If the card is expired, or you need to use a different card to pay, you may need to edit the card, or add a new credit card to use for this). 

Step 4: Click "Charge".

Step 5: You should receive a receipt via email. 

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