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Updating or changing your credit card doesn't necessarily pay your past invoices (invoices that came due while your card was expired or being changed). Best to check.

To check and pay (if necessary):

Step 1: Log into the Billing portal.

Step 2: Click on the Invoices tab.

Step 3: Choose Unpaid Invoices from the menu.

Step 4: If there are unpaid invoices on the page...

4a. Click on Pay. The Pay Invoice page will open.
4b. Complete the Pay Invoice page, making sure to choose the correct card from the credit card dropdown menu. 

NOTE: After clicking Pay, the update process typically takes 5-10 minutes. 

Step 5: The Pay Invoice page will refresh with a message about your invoice: successfully paid or information about why not.

Step 6: You should also receive an email that your PastorsLine account has been updated accordingly or why it has not.

Shortcut = Click on 'Manage My Account' from inside the billing portal and continue as above. 

How to Edit a Credit Card on File or Add a New One

Step 1: Log in. Near your picture and name in the top, right-hand corner, click on the Down arrow and go to your Billing page.

Step 2: In the Transaction Details area, click Edit Card. The Billing Portal page will open and then straight to your credit cards. 

Step 3: The menu on the left-hand side of the page gives you the following clickable options:

  • Valid Credit Cards—view details of the credit cards you already have on file in the PastorsLine system. Clicking Edit next to the relevant card allows you to change the information as needed. 
  • Expired Credit Cards—see cards no longer valid according to the system.
  • Add Credit Card—put a new card into the system. 

Reminder: Click the Default payment method box to choose a credit card as the primary payment method.

To make sure you have the correct credit card on file:

Use the left-hand side menu to click on Subscriptions and then Active Subscriptions. The card you added or edited should be showing for your next subscription.

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