Sent: The upstream carrier has accepted the message request. In other words, the message has moved on to the next stage in the delivery process.

Delivered: We have received confirmation of message delivery from the upstream carrier (and, where available, the destination handset). That is, your message reached the intended contact.

Received: An incoming message has been processed, and we delivered the message to your number.

We cannot track read, opened, viewed, etc. The carriers only send back delivered or undelivered messages to us.

Sometimes it takes some time for the message to be sent from the carrier to us. Refresh your sent statistics via the Logs module and check back later to see if the status has changed. If it does not say received, it does not mean it was not received - just that the "status" has not been changed by either the carrier or our vendor.

For group messages, we recommend refreshing the statistics at the top to get the latest status.

*The logs are currently being revamped and are still in beta, so not everything may work 100%.

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