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V3: Adding a new groupHow to add another group.
V3: Why are my people not appearing in my groups? How can I restore / add them back?In PastorsLine V2, contacts were sometimes greyed out. Now people just do not appear. Here's more about why.
V3: Add someone to a groupWant to add people to a group? Here are your options.
V3: Creating a group with keyword and auto reply (no data capture)This article has been updated. New article name = V3: Campaigns: Create Keyword/Autoreply. Link to new article below.
V3: Groups View-- an OverviewGeneral background on the PastorsLine GROUPS view, including how to add a new group.
V3: Groups -- Group DetailsFurther details of your groups and how to edit them.
V3: 'Hidden' (Groups)Why are people 'hidden' from your groups? How can unhide or restore them?
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- About TabBasic info about a group: creation date, creator, filters, # of people, # of campaigns, connected to which integrations, etc.
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Campaigns TabSee information about your campaigns. Choose to be re-directed to the Campaigns page to edit a campaign.
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Messages TabSee the message thread for this group.
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- People TabSee more information about the people in a group.
V3: Groups -- Group Details --Change Logs TabWorking with the Change Logs tab.
V3: Adding keywords to a groupAdd a keyword / Adding a keyword / Choose keywords / Choosing a keyword
V3: 'Likely eligible' (Groups)How many people will probably get your SMS? Voice messages? Find out with this filtering system.
How to sync one groupOnly want to sync a single group? Here's how.
V3: Group Messages - How to view statistics of each sent message including 'skipped' and 'undelivered' itemsDid my group message get sent well? Why does it show as 'skipped' or 'undelivered'? Can I get an automatic notification email?
Groups: How to Delete a group with or without ContactsWhen you delete a group, you can decide whether or not to delete the group members (removing them from your contacts list).
V3: What happens when I move or copy contact(s) from one group to another?