What is a credit?, Buying credits, NRO vs FRO credits

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V3: I need more information about understanding my credit usage. Can you help?How many credits did you use this billing cycle to now / last billing cycle? Understanding your credit usage; Calculating your credit usage
V3: Can I purchase a bucket of credits?Can I just purchase some credits without having to upgrade my plan?
V3: Simple monthly filterWant a quick overview of your credit usage for a certain month? Here's how.
V3: Where can I see my plan and credits?Which plan are you on? How many credits do you have? Find out where to look for this information here.
V3: 2023 PastorsLine CreditsFollowing our plan restructuring, this is how the credits work.
V3: How to add a rollover protection subscriptionIf you want your unused credits to rollover each month, you need to buy a rollover protection subscription
V3: Redeeming creditsWhy are credits eligible for redemption? How do you redeem them if you want to?
V3: Claiming a gift of creditsThere are many reasons PastorsLine will award you credits. Here's how to claim them.
V3: All About CreditsEverything you always wanted to know about credits (almost).
V3: What is a message / credit / messaging credits?How credits work + current costs in terms of credits
V3: What happens if I run out of credits?PastorsLine will notify you before this happens. Find out what action you can then take.
V3: Adding credits to users from 'savings'Giving users FRO credits.
V3 Credits: Allocate, increase, and decrease (give, add, and remove) credits to userManage your people's credits.