V3: Emojis

Want to add emojis to your SMS? Here's how.

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Most of us have gotten used to adding emojis to our text messages. You can, of course, do this in PastorsLine also.

When you are creating your message, click on the 'smiley' to add an emoji (see image below).

The emoji menu will pop up.

The default color is yellow (see blue box and arrow in image to the left). However, you can change that if you wish.

Just click on the yellow square to reveal the color menu. Click on the color you wish to use.

Notice that in the image to the left we have chosen another color. However, the smilies are still yellow. The color change does not affect ALL the emojis but it will affect some. Below are two examples.

After choosing your color, click on the emoji(s) you wish to include in your text message.

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