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V3: Messages - Checkbox near group names + duplicates
V3: Messages - Checkbox near group names + duplicates

Easily manage your groups from your Messages view.

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We have added a new way to easily manage group members without having to go into the group itself.

How to get to this new feature

(1) Click on Messages.
(2) Then click on the message that was sent to the group you wish to work with.

(3) If your message view is not expanded, click on Expand.

(4) Your expanded view should look similar to this:

Details of this new feature

(1) Hover on the detail line of a group member. Two new items will appear: a checkbox on the left-hand side & a 3-dot Action Menu on the right-hand side.

(2) Action Menu: When you click on the Action Menu, you will see the choices that are possible for that group member.

(3) Checkboxes: When you click on a checkbox, you select that group member.

(4) Duplicates:

If you see a downward arrow after a group member's detail line, that means there are duplicates. Click on the downward arrow to see them.

You will see the duplicates.

You can click on the question mark ( ? ) to get more information. In this case, the pop up message says: The primary contact for this number is not a member of this group.

Main gain from using this feature

While you can manage one group member via these additions, the real power is to manage multiple group members at the same time. Just click on the checkboxes of all the members whom you wish to work with. Then, click on the 3-dot Action Menu. You will see all the choices which are common (shared) by ALL the group members you have chosen.

In the example above, we have clicked on 2 group members. When we open the 3-dot Action Menu on the selection line, we will see the options common to both members. When we click on an action, it will be applied to all the members we have selected.

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