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Using our Planning Center integration? Added some people to a group but they are not yet appearing? Here's how to get more info.

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If you are using our PL-PCO integration, you may have noticed this in the Groups - People tab:

These are people who are pending to be added to the particular list. In other words, they have been added on the PastorsLine side but have not yet been added to the relevant Planning Center list.

Here are the two main reasons

(1) Pending resolved duplicate (unresolved conflicts)

Another profile in Pastorsline (PL) looks similar to this one (shares some details). So, PastorsLine is waiting for you to resolve the issue: either merge the profiles or create a new PL profile.

(2) 1-way sync setup issue

The PL-PCO integration is 1-way in. Anyone who shows up on the list in Planning Center is added to the relevant PastorsLine group. However, if you add people via PastorsLine, there is an issue.

Planning Center has list search criteria (a certain setup). People added in PastorsLine do not meet those criteria. So, PL cannot add your new people to the PCO list.

Solution Step 1

See if you have unresolved conflicts. If so, deal with them. Here's more about how to.

Solution Step 2

If your new people are still not in your lists, enable 2-way syncing. This is done by adding a rule in Planning Center. Basically, you tell PCO to look for the Group Name tag and add those people to the list. Here's more about how to.

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