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What's behind your initials or avatar in the left-hand, bottom corner of the page?

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Your profile menu (yellow arrow in image below) is located in the most left-hand column of the page at the bottom. It is usually your initials. However, you can upload an avatar if you wish. You would do this in User Settings -- My Profile.

In image to the left...

Turquoise box: Your user name and role

Yellow box: Your usable credits - - - If you have billing privileges, you will see a credit card icon to the right of your credit total (turquoise arrow in image below).

Brown box: Your assigned numbers & the number you have chosen to send from at the moment

Pink box: The organization you are signed in to at the moment

Blue box: Shortcuts to these 3 categories of settings

Orange box: Links to ---

  • Help = Help Desk Articles

  • Community = Facebook page to chat with/ask Q of other PastorsLine partners

  • Chat with us = Our website chat bot

Grey arrow: Sign out from PastorsLine

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