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V3: Smart syncing -->Resolving unresolved conflicts (duplicates)
V3: Smart syncing -->Resolving unresolved conflicts (duplicates)

Got those blue dots? A blue exclamation point? A message with a blue background? Here's how to merge your unresolved contacts.

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Smart syncing is the PastorsLine process of resolving unresolved conflicts. For example: two people with the same phone number.

To get familiar with "those blue dots", read this article first. that we are on the same page, let's work through an example or two.

But before we do...please keep in mind:

If someone chooses to "reject" the duplicate, PastorsLine will automatically archive that person. This will show up in the change logs as "rejected" and tell you which user took that action.


  • Smart Syncing will only auto resolve IF there is exactly 1 match.

  • If there are several possible matches, it will offer them. You will need to to through them as we cover in the remainder of the article.

  • Smart Syncing will not automatically create a record if there is no match. It will prompt you to create a new record.




Step 1

1.1 Click on People (person icon, turquoise #1 in image below). Two additional "parts of the puzzle" will display.

1.2 Unresolved Conflicts category

Close up of turquoise #2 in image below:

This is the category in which to work.

1.3 Unresolved Conflicts message

Close up of turquoise #3 in image below:

You have several options for how to proceed.

Option 1

1.1 Click on Unresolved Conflicts.

1.2 Choose the integration whose conflicts you wish to resolve. You can only resolve one integration at a time.

A message will pop up at the top of the middle column.

1.3 Click on View all to see all the potential unresolved conflicts.


1.3 Choose to view only SOME of the potential unresolved conflicts.

1.3.1 Select people

Click on the people whose profiles you wish to resolve.

1.3.2 "3 dots"

Click on the more actions menu.

1.3.3 Select people

Choose Smart Merge Wizard. The following pop-up box will display.

Option 2

A message will display at the top of the right-most column (example in image to the left).

2.1 Click on View all.

This box will pop up (example in image to the left).

2.2 Choose the integration with which you want to work. Remember: You can only work with one integration at a time.

2.3 Click the purple Next button.

No matter how you do it, the Resolved Conflicted Profiles page will display. Here is an example:

Next steps for all

Turquoise #1: Choose the person whose conflicted profile you wish to resolve.

Turquoise #2: Click Reject Profile(s) to stop the person/people you selected from syncing to the corresponding [integration] group.

Turquoise #3: Click Cancel to not take any action.

Turquoise #4: Click Next to continue resolving.

If you click on Next, your first conflict resolution screen will display:

Resolving a potential conflicted profile

The first column (grey heading in image above) is the current PastorsLine profile.

The second column (turquoise heading in image above) is the unmatched capture data.
For each data item, choose the option you want to save. For example: First Name -- in the image below, we can choose the current first name of Anna or the new unmatched name of AnnePCO (gold box in image below).

You can also globally choose all the current items OR new items (turquoise box in image above).

Click on the purple Merge button to complete your action.

- - - - - - - - -


Example: Conflict in multiple groups

This persons conflict exists in several groups. You will need to choose the group in which you want to resolve the profile.

Once you choose a group and click the purple Done button, you will be taken to the resolve conflicts screen (as we spoke about above).

- - - - - - - - -


Since the information under the Current column is toggled on, the Preview of Final Contact matches this information (brown line above). If we click on Merge, this would be the information sent to your chosen integration. That is, the Current information in your integration would be kept as is (nothing would be updated).

However, we want to include some of the New information.

Notice the gold box in the image above. If we want to select ALL of the New information, we can toggle on Select all new.

We have toggled on Select all new. Notice that the Preview of Final Contact matches this information.

However, the email is now blank. Even though the email does not appear to match the First Name or Last Name, it still might be the correct email. Peoples' emails do not always match their names. So, we are going to mix and match Current + New information in the next step.

We have chosen email from the Current information (turquoise arrow in the image below). The Preview of Final Contact has changed to reflect this choice.

Click on Merge (brown arrow in image above) to complete your update.

Click on Reject (bottom left-hand corner in image above) to keep things as they were (no changes).


A turquoise exclamation point next to a group member's name (gold box in image above) indicates an unresolved conflict.

Click on the Exclamation point. The Merge Unresolved Conflicted Profile for that person will pop up.

The conflicted profile is in grey at the top.

Each line with a turquoise Merge label is a merge option.

Choose the one you want and click Compare and Merge (purple arrow in image above) to continue.
The rest of the "how to" is the same as you do for People. Click here to go back up to the relevant section.

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