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What is it? How is it calculated?

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Did you notice our helpful "credit estimate" near the input line for your new text message?

What is it?

This figure represents the approximate number of credits it will cost you to send your message.

What it looks like

Clicking on the ? for more information...

How is it calculated?

Please click on the question mark (?, turquoise circle above) next to the credit estimate. You will see a pop up with information. One item is the total of subscribers. This is the number the credit estimate is based on.

Please keep in mind that the credit estimate is not a 100% correct algorithm due to the number of factors and variations. For example:
Messages are more expensive to other countries than the US.
Numbers such as landlines can be valid, but at the same time, they can be blocked.

This list gives you an idea of some of the exclusion we make:

  • People who opted out from a specific group

  • Blocked, unsubscribed, opted-out people

  • Archived people

  • People without a phone number

  • People with landlines

  • People with invalid phone numbers

  • YET... we're still including people without checked (number lookup) numbers

Then, we multiply the number of subscribers x the number of credits used for the SMS message. Keep in mind, every 160 characters long your message is = 1 credit per person.

Again, it is not a 100% correct algorithm. We're working to improve it.

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